Alternative Therapies for Stuttering

In this section, we will look at many stuttering therapies. Although there are plenty products on the market, we can safely divide them into the following categories: speech pathology, electronic devices, and medicine. I believe you already had many experiences with speech pathology. Under this category of stuttering therapy, you will do prolongations, easy onset, and cancellations. Some of you have already tried electronic devices long enough to find out they do not work. They are suppose to slow down your speech. However, they act as "distractions" to speaking, which do not really work. The third category of stuttering therapy is medicine. Both conventional and alternative medicine can and will provide the answer that you are looking for. Why does the medicine work? The main reason is because the pills can treat all aspects of this condition simultaneously.

Nevertheless, let's look at all of these alternatives therapies for stuttering together.


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By the way, speech pathology encompasses many types of stuttering therapies. One type that became popular today is intensive speech therapy. You probably already have experiences with this kind of speech program. Most intensive programs require you to practice speech techniques, such as prolongations, for many hours a day.

The main flaw with them is that you are placed in an "artificial setting." That is, you leave a real world and go to live next to a speech clinic where intensive speech sessions are given. You are surrounded with so much attention from young clinicians that you probably never received from anyone in your entire life. You work on your speech the whole day. No wonder you begin to speak better towards the end of it.

You come back to your familiar surroundings. You cannot work on your speech the whole day. All this attention from young clinicians is gone. The fluency for which you had to work extremely hard is gone too. Intensive speech therapy, in my own opinion, is a useless type of stuttering therapies.

The number of listings will increase on this page in the coming months and years. However, you already will have some idea of what is out there. Come back to this section periodically to see new updates.

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