New Year's Resolution- Commit to a New Stammering Therapy Now!

You and I know that a large number of people online are searching for a new stammering therapy. Apparently, it is time for our New Year's resolutions. If you are like me, there is a long list of resolutions that is already being prepared. It seems to be the best time to plan your life. During this time, we all get very excited. New year is just beginning. Nobody knows what it will bring. However, we are hoping for only good things to happen in our lives. No matter what your resolutions are, you need to ask yourself one question, which is as follows: "Do I need to be able to speak fluently to achieve my goals?" You will find that being able to speak fluently is a very important part of any resolution you came up with for this coming year. This means that for most people, searching and finding a new stammering therapy becomes mandatory. Finding an effective treatment for stuttering disorder will be on the top of this list. If you did not make it your number one priority, you are making a mistake.

You need to understand that accomplishing other goals requires one to have special skills. For one, you must have a clear mind that is sharp and attuned to what is going on around you. If you are bothered by your numerous stuttering behaviors, it is very unlikely you will be able to achieve your goals this new year. On the top, you need to have good communication skills. The main reason is that going after your goals might require you to be involved in various speaking situations.

You see while I was totally screwed up, I was not able to go after my other goals. I could not tap into my mind resources to bring my dreams into reality.

I give you credit for trying to find a new stammering therapy. However, you will have only my respect when you decide to take a constructive action this year towards overcoming your disorder.

In fact, I would like you to commit to using my Natural Therapy for Stuttering program as one of your top resolutions this coming new year. I congratulate those people who decided to embark on this new stammering therapy this coming year.

Searching for any stammering therapy is easy. All you have to do is go online or go to your local bookstore in order to browse through your speech disorder's section. Anybody can do it. However, this step is useless. Yes, it is totally useless unless you take some constructive action towards eliminating or reducing this problem.

There are some important questions you may have about this disorder in general I will answer right now.

My child is beginning to have this problem. When should I seek treatment?

Immediately. Please do not let this disorder affect your child's future. We live in a very competitive world where we have to fight for everything we have with fluent speakers. Disfluency might ruin his future. This knowledge comes from my own personal experience. Please look at my Advice page for scientific studies that have been conducted on stammering. I am sure you will find the results of these studies are very alarming. Hidden discrimination against people who stammer is everywhere.

Will speech therapy help me?

Speech therapy typically helps a person at a very young age. Often, speech therapy is not helpful to many young people. As a person grows, the chances of speech therapy working are slim. The main problem is because it is not "able" to address all secondary symptoms of stammering. Another problem is speech therapy places a person in an "artificial setting." Please read all materials on this site for explanation.

Will your therapy involve a lot of effort on my part?

You cannot achieve any wanted result in life without effort. This includes this therapy as well. However, the difference between Natural Therapy for Stuttering and other traditional therapies is that my natural therapy does not require much effort on your part. Yes, you still need to use natural remedies to get better. However, you do not need to spend countless hours on speech techniques that do not really work anyway.

Should I depend on stammering therapy alone for relief?

Many people already have. They have more problems in life than anybody can count. Stammering that was never treated well has caused these problems to come up and to stick around. This condition is a problem in living. A person must commit to getting a new stammering therapy for this disorder. He must make a commitment that this new year will be a year of change. He must follow through. Otherwise, acquiring a new knowledge online will not make any difference. By the end of this coming year, things will stay exactly the same way they were before- depressing and painful. However, things do not have to be like this. It is time to give alternative medicine therapies a fair chance. My natural program has been created for people like you. You can buy it and use it in the comfort of your home right now.

Are there any speech techniques or exercises in your program?

There are no speech techniques or exercises in this program. Noone will teach you how to use prolongations, pull outs, or easy onsets here. I introduce you to some visualization exercises. As I mentioned previously, those are optional. They are meant to change your self-image as a stammerer. If you do not want to use them, don't. You still will get results in terms of gaining fluency in your speech. However, you will need to start thinking of yourself as a new person sooner or later. My visualization exercises were designed to speed this process up.

Will any traditional stammering therapy help my child?

I believe you should always take your child to a qualified speech therapist. When you are dealing with a child, the chances are he still can get helped by our traditional therapy. However, please do not rely solely on this approach. Many people who stutter will tell you they had many years of traditional therapy. They never have gotten any better. The best way will be to use this natural therapy as well.

Let's get on with the program and make this coming year a special one! Happy New Year, wherever you are!

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