Stammering Therapy

In this section, I decided to provide more information about possible stammering therapy that is presently available to people. Stammering can be treated by using one of these several approaches:

Stammering Self-Therapy
Alternative Medicine
Conventional Medicine
Speech Pathology Treatment
Speech Clinics
Electronic Devices

Some things to keep in mind while seeking any treatment:

Stammering cannot disappear immediately. If you have been doing it for a long time, you will need to do some work before any improvement in your speech can take place. My guarantee is your improvement will take place within the first few weeks. Some people get benefits within the first few days of treatment.

Stammering is not only a speech disorder, but it is a disorder in living. Stammering has many psychological, behavioral, and physical aspects. It does not just involve communication. Any therapy that deals with one aspect of speech (one's speech block, for example) has to fail sooner or later. The main reason is one cannot deal with only speech block without addressing his psychological baggage that has accumulated over many years. Natural Therapy for Stuttering addresses every aspect of stammering.

Stammering Self-Therapies

Self-therapy seems to be the best approach for many people to take. It does not involve much time or money. You can treat yourself in the privacy of your home. There is no need to make any appointment to see a professional who can assist you. There is no need to pay money for it. Self-therapy is a do-it-yourself project. It is why Natural Therapy for Stuttering is superior to any other method of treatment.

All you need to do is to make a small investment in natural remedies. Your fluency will be increased dramatically within the first few weeks.

Aside from my therapy program, there are some other well-known therapies, such as...

Understanding & Controlling Stuttering

There is a book that has been written by William D. Parry. He is a practicing attorney who also recently became a speech therapist. The author created a new theory as well as his own unique therapy to deal with stammering. Apparently, it involves relaxing Valsalva mechanism. Although I did not understand it, I tried proposed speech therapy myself. I personally think that the main benefit of this approach is relaxation. When your speech mechanism is relaxed, you will naturally sound better. It will be easier for you to handle stressful situations when you are more relaxed and not under too much stress. However, I have to report that I did not derive any significant benefit from it.

In fact, I should say I did not get much fluency from it. There is some useful phonation exercise. However, that exercise is not enough to increase fluency. In the book, the therapy "gets weird" by instructing people to relax their butts. I did not get convinced that by relaxing your butt, you can increase fluency directly or indirectly. In fact, I tried to relax different parts of body myself. It did not help me very much in my quest for fluency.

I believe stammering self-therapy should be enough for many cases of stammering. The more you know, the better it is for you. There is a difference between my approach to this disorder and other people's approaches. There are no speech exercises in Natural Therapy for Stuttering. All other approaches involve different speech techniques, such as prolongations and cancellations.

My program includes several visualization exercises I found to be useful over the years. They are meant to change your self-image as a stutterer. Doing them is optional. However, the benefits that can be derived from them are numerous. For one thing, you can change your self-image as a stammerer. You can begin to think of yourself as a fluent speaker.

I do advice people to read as much material as possible on this condition. The more education you have, the better it is for you. All public libraries provide much information on this subject. If you walk into your local college or university, there is an entire section on stammering. It is typically called Speech Pathology. I would suspect many books you would not be able to comprehend in this section. There are more specialized. Speech pathology majors will be able to understand them better than you will.

However, you will understand your problem is a common problem. There are people who can help you to deal with it better. You are definitely not alone.

If you have kids who are just beginning to stammer, you will find information in these books to be valuable. Many books, such as Understanding & Controlling Stuttering explains in detail what you can do to help your child with this condition.

Neuropatterning for Stuttering

Neuropatterning for Stuttering is probably the most interesting stammering therapy that stammerers can read about. I am not sure if it is available today. Although I did not understand the concept of it, I experimented with this approach. It involves various neuropatterning exercises. Some of them involved shouting out phrases and words. I eventually began losing my voice and had to stop. On some days, there was some fluency. However, it was short-lived. It was completely unpredictable when I was going to get a burst of fluency. This burst of fluency lasted only several hours. Unfortunately, it did not produce any long-term impact.

Do I think that this therapy could help some people? The answer to this question is "No." When you will start losing your voice, your throat will begin to hurt. You will not be able to speak very much anyway. In most cases, you will stop using neuropatterning exercises before you will get some fluency. The approach is rather boring in nature because you do the same exercises every single day. As I said previously, the fluency might last a few hours only. It is not worth having a pain in your throat over this fluency.

Electronic devices

Fluency enhancing devices are available for purchase online. There are so many of them I cannot even count. DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and FAF (Frequency-Shifting Auditory Feedback) are two devices that you probably came across while doing online search. DAF and FAF devices can be purchased from Casa Futura Technologies.

There is also a Fluency Master. As you already know, I am not a big fan of any electronic devices. Please read my Stuttering Devices section to find out why I am against purchasing them. There are some claims that they can reduce one's stammering. However, I believe it only happens in your speech therapist's office. If some electronic device will work outside of your speech therapist's office, it is most likely due to a placebo effect. Something works temporarily as long as one believes in it. I personally tried virtually all electronic devices, which exist on the market today. They did not work for me at all.

Speech Therapist or Speech Pathologist

Our traditional speech therapy has not changed for hundreds of years. Today, you still can be expected to work on prolongations, cancellations, and pull-outs. These techniques can work wonders in your therapist's office. However, once you step outside in a real world, you cannot seem to use anything. The main reason is because stammering does not have only physical component (speech block), but it has many other psychological and behavioral components. When other components are left untreated, this problem is sure to pop up again and again.

I worked with about twenty speech therapists in my life. There were some caring speech therapists. I honestly believe they tried to help. However, they never had the right tools to render such help. All their methods are outdated. You cannot deal effectlively with stammering if you have pull outs and cancellations at your disposal. In fact, using these tools will often make stammering even worse than it was before.

If you will ask many people who stammer, they will tell you that modern speech therapy is useless. Nevertheless, there is a place even for traditional speech therapy in one's life. For instance, I believe that all small children have to be treated with various speech therapy techniques. Their stammering is not deeply rooted yet. It means it still can be treated. However, I also believe you cannot depend solely on the field of speech pathology even when you are dealing with small children. You need to use my program to make sure you have the best shot at beating this condition before it becomes a big problem.

Why is it easier to treat stammering in small children than it is to treat stammering in adults with speech techniques?

Children do not have many secondary symptoms of stammering that adults have. Even if they began to develop these symptoms, they are not deeply rooted yet. When small children stammer, they usually have one primary symptom of this condition. As you guessed it, it it their speech block. The field of speech pathology is "able" to deal with this symptom. I can successfully argue that even in cases where only speech block is present, the field of speed pathology is ill-equipped to deal with it. However, it is a good topic for another discussion.

Intensive Stammering Therapy Clinics

There are some intensive speech therapies. Their effect on one's speech is rather rapid. By the end of all intensive speech therapy sessions, one can usually speak very fluently with only traces of stammering. How long will this fluency last? I will tell you that not very long. Typically, it will take anywhere from three weeks to several months for your fluency to "wear off." Then, depression sets in.

I went to several intenstive stammering therapy clinics. One was in Washington State. The program lasted several weeks. During the first two weeks, I worked on not hiding the fact that I stuttered. Basicly, I would approach strangers on the streets and stutter in the front of them. The whole point was getting used to and admitting to myself that I stuttered. I was ashamed of this problem. The purpose beyond this therapy failed to work on me. As I said, I was more ashamed of it than I had ever been before. After this intial phase, I worked on cancellations and prolongations. These are old fluency-shaping techniques that seemed to work only in the speech therapist's office. These techniques did not produce any long-lasting fluency.

Another intensive stammering therapy clinic was in New York City. I worked on my breathing mostly for a period of several weeks as well. At first, it was really tiring to remind myself that I needed to breath in a special way. Later, I got used to it. I was relatively fluent while I was there. However, that fluency did not last either. When I got back home, things returned to how they were before. I began to stutter very severely again.

I already spent thousands of dollars on intensive speech therapies. I had nothing to show for. What is worse is I eventually got very depressed because I could not maintain any fluency I achieved during intensive speech therapy sessions. All intensive speech therapy clinics offer a very supportive and friendly environment. You are surrounded with so much attention from clinicians that you begin to feel like you are a part of their family. Once your intensive speech therapy is over, you will be thrown into a real world. Now, try to find the same love and understanding you encountered during your intensive speech therapy sessions. You would not. Depression sets in automatically.

A natural therapy that can help you to stop stammering

Is stammering the most tedious problem in your life? Is it creating a lot of troubles for you? Have you tried all the medications that are available in the market but still not getting proper results by using them for a longer period of time? Or are you facing a lot of health ailments due to the prolong use of various medications to cure the stuttering? Well, if this is the case, then it is the time to take the help of the self-therapies to cure the stammering problem. The stammering therapy focuses on the physical, behavioral and psychological aspects of life and thus it can help you to find the proper solutions from this hassle. The best part is that it doesn’t come with a lot of side effects for you which you can have when using the conventional stammering therapies. Another advantage of using this treatment is that it will not demand a larger part of your time and effort and wealth. By investing a couple of hours every day you can easily conquer the problem of stuttering. My natural therapy can bring you a better scope of eradicating the problem as this theory is a time tested one and I myself have found the cure to my stammering problem with this unique yet magical stammering therapy. When you want to get over the problem of stammering and want to find the best way, you can try this therapy which is developed by me in order to help the people who are suffering from this problem for a long time. In this therapy, you can also come to know about the electronic devices that can help you to overcome the problem of stammering and the neuropatterning as well. Start using the therapy today and get back your lost confidence again in life.

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