Stammering Therapy - Flower Essences, Energy Medicine, and Hypnosis

Is stammering the most tedious problem in your life? Is it creating a lot of difficulties for you? Have you tried all the medications that are available on the market today, but still not getting proper results by using them for a longer period of time? Or are you facing a lot of health ailments due to the prolonged use of various medications to cure stuttering? Well, if this is the case, then it is time to use various self-therapies to cure your stammering problem.

Stammering therapy focuses on the physical, behavioral, and psychological aspects of life and thus, it can help you to find the proper solution from this problem. The best part is that it does not have any side effects. Similarly, whenever you are using conventional stammering therapies, there are no side effects. However, there are not effective.

Another advantage of using this treatment is that it will not demand a larger portion of your time, effort, and money. By investing a couple of minutes every day in using the remedies, you can easily conquer the problem of stuttering. My natural therapy can bring you a better understanding of this problem. My theories are time tested. I found a way to cure my stammering problem with this unique stammering therapy.

When you want to get over the problem of stammering and want to find the best way, you can try this therapy, which is developed by me during my younger years, in order to help the people who are suffering from this problem. In this therapy, you will learn about electronic devices that can help you to overcome the problem of stammering. You will learn about different energy techniques as well. Start using the therapy today and get your lost confidence back again in your life.

There is more stammering therapy out there than you can think of. You probably thought there is nothing you could do to do to reduce greatly your fear of stuttering for a long period of time. You also did not know what to do in order to decrease your anxiety level. Well, you can use various flower essences that will assist you in accomplishing these goals.

We will talk about what exactly flower essences do. Typically, flower essences are used to deal with a person’s fear, anxiety, panic attacks, the lack of self-confidence, and many other negative emotions or feelings. Since our complex speech disorder consists of all of these conditions, we can easily use different flower essences to target all psychological aspects of stuttering simultaneously. What is also great about flower essences is that they will never interfere with homeopathic remedies. In fact, these flower essences tend to complement them. There are three better-known flower essence therapies that the stutterer can consider implementing in the treatment for stuttering.

The first flower essence therapy is called Bach Flower Essence Therapy. It was developed by Dr. Bach more than fifty years ago. Dr. Bach tried to treat the underlying mental conditions of each illness, not the physical symptoms, with his flower essences. He believed that if those mental conditions will be effectively dealt with, then the physical symptoms of illness will be either reduced or totally eliminated. During his life time, he discovered 38 flower essences to treat every emotion or feeling known to men.

The second flower essence therapy is called North American Flower Essence Therapy. This therapy seems to greatly expand the list of flower essences, which were initially discovered by Dr. Bach. In the United States of America, the Flower Essence Society researches and experiments with many new flower essences. All flower essences have been grown in North America too. This therapy definitely added dozens of new flower essences to our use. Unlike Dr. Bach flower essences that are well-researched and very reliable, the North American flower essences are still considered to be experimental.

The third flower essence therapy, which is worth mentioning in our stammering therapy discussion, is called Australian Flower Essence Therapy. As you probably have already guessed, all flower essences are grown in Australia. Before conventional medications were introduced to the lives of Australians, many locals have used and are still using flower essences to treat directly even the physical symptoms of their illnesses. It is thought that this therapy is probably the oldest of all flower essence therapies since the locals in Australia have used their flower essences for centuries. Based on my extensive research and experimentation with the Australian flower essence therapy, the results in terms of stuttering symptoms’ reduction or elimination will vary greatly from one person to another person.

In North America, you can get this flower essence treatment either from a flower essence practitioner or from a naturopathic physician. Both types of alternative medicine practitioners charge about $50-75 (USD) per appointment. You can expect the treatment to continue anywhere from a few months to a year. It is highly recommended for anybody with a serious illness or disorder, such as stuttering, to be seen by a skilled alternative medicine practitioner. Contrary to what it may seem right now, using flower essences to obtain results is not a simple matter. Different combinations of flower essences are created and used by these practitioners to assist the patient in his or her treatment. Depending on results from the treatment, these combinations of flower essences are often varied in order to “dig” deeper into the illness. Also, the art of mixing and using the flower essences has to be mastered before noticeable and sustained results can be achieved.


Let's now discuss energy medicine. When you think about energy medicine therapies, you probably think about acupressure or acupuncture. Yes, that is when someone inserts needles to stimulate various points within your body in order to let your energy flow smoothly from one part of your body to another part. It is generally believed that once all energy points are properly stimulated in order to remove energy blockages within a person’s body, the physical symptoms of illness will diminish. Typically, we see many Chinese alternative medicine practitioners in this area. One interesting fact about acupuncture is that many alternative medicine practitioners use this form of energy medicine therapy to treat stuttering in Israel.

What is not very known about our energy medicine is there have been many recent developments in this field. New energy medicine techniques and approaches have been created in the United States of America, which are now capable of treating serious illnesses more effectively, including stuttering. What is more exciting about these techniques is that you can use them in the privacy of your home. My Natural Therapy for Stuttering guides the stutterer through the most effective techniques that can be used in the treatment of this problem.

If you go to the energy medicine practitioner who knows how to use these techniques, it will cost you approximately $50-400 (USD) per appointment. Generally, the more experience and expertise the practitioner has in these new techniques, the more money he or she charges. The treatment will usually continue anywhere from a few months to about one year or so. The money, which is paid for this treatment, is indeed worth it because in the process, many negative habits that you have created over the years can be eliminated. In this stuttering chat section, it is very hard to discuss how to find a good practitioner. After all, all these techniques and approaches are new. Although it will not be included in this stuttering chat section, we will explain how to find a good alternative medicine practitioner.


Now, it is about time for us to talk about hypnosis. There has been much criticism about hypnosis in our speech therapy books. However, this criticism is simply baseless because hypnosis can be a great supplemental tool to any treatment of stuttering. Maybe, it will not make you totally fluent. However, hypnosis can greatly decrease your fear of speaking. It can decrease the number of speech situation avoidances. Hypnosis can help you speak a lot more fluently than you do now. What is the most important thing about hypnosis is that it can help you transfer your fluency to a new environment.

Although we did not say it yet during our stuttering chat, the main problem is the fact that there are a very few hypnotists who actually know what they are doing. Remember what we previously said before. Just because a person does something for a living, it does not mean that he or she is good at it. Even if the practitioner knows hypnosis well does not mean that he or she knows how to use it to treat stuttering. Therefore, we are left with very few specialists in this area.

Typically, each hypnosis session will cost you about $50-100. Some hypnotists may try to sign you up for at least three sessions right away. The goal of hypnotist should be to teach you how to hypnotize yourself. This is a very valuable skill indeed, and it may assist you during your public speaking situations. My program looks at how the stutterer can use hypnosis at home right now. The program will explain why hypnosis fails when it does to treat stuttering. It also discusses what the stutterer needs to do to make sure that the benefits that he or she receives from hypnosis sessions are sustained. When the hypnosis sessions are properly conducted, they can truly do wonders. It is truly behoynd the capacity of this stammering therapy section to list all the benefits of hypnosis. Please check out one study, which is posted online, by going to after reading all information on my website. The study will show you what hypnosis can do in terms of stuttering reduction.

This stammering therapy section is about to end. Please check this stuttering chat section periodically because I will continue to update it to bring you a wealth of information about these alternative medicine therapies.

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