Natural Stuttering Therapy Explored


In this section, we will explore our natural stuttering therapy together. Many people told me that the program reminds them of notes somebody takes during experiments. I could not agree with them more. As a matter of fact, I took so many notes over a period of many years during my experimentation with natural remedies that I can produce books in numerous volumes. However, I do realize it is not what people want.

How was this stuttering therapy created?

As I previously stated, there was a huge number of experimentation notes. The notes go back to early nineties. Some of them were so hastily written by me that I can barely read them myself. The main goal for me was to separate what works from what does not work in my quest for the best stuttering therapy. I also understood people do not want to read a lot. People have no patience and want results quickly and now. Therefore, I had to make all my information compact and user-friendly. I often say even a first grader can read, understand, and use my program. Also, my program is the most practical guide you will ever see in your life. It has no useless stuff.

Once I cut useless notes and made everything compact, I faced another challenge. The program had to be targeted to all types of stuttering. Since I conducted experiments on my relatives and friends who also stutter, I had a great understanding of how natural remedies can be used to help all people who stutter. You will see this information in the program.

One main problem all other programs have is the lack of information, which has been given to them, on how to maintain fluency once this fluency is achieved. I confronted this problem by spending much time on discussing how to use natural remedies to maintain one's fluency. I also prepared this program to be a self-help tool. Whenever somebody asked me about how to use a certain remedy, I immediately tried to make it clear in the program. That way, other people will not have the same questions. I did read and re-read my own creation more than a dozen times to make sure everything makes sense and is easy to use.

Another difficulty I faced is how to make people stick to it. Going through any therapy is like going through any exercise program. Things are exciting at first. However, everything will be boring with time. I did realize people are likely to stick with something and derive a benefit if they will see results right away. I needed to come back to my program and to analyze everything in more detail.

How can I make sure this stuttering therapy will work right now? I could accomplish this task only by analyzing all my notes under strict scrutiny again and again. I needed to make sure the selected natural remedies are indeed the most powerful remedies that can treat your condition. I needed to combine these remedies so effectively that the desired effect is produced here and now. Otherwise, people will be frustrated and depressed like I was after intensive programs. Based on what I hear from people, I was able to accomplish this task successfully. Thus, this natural stuttering therapy is the result of many years of experimentation, research and effort.

What are the main benefits of using Natural Therapy for Stuttering?

There are countless benefits. Let me just mention the most important ones.

1) You do not need to leave your house to use this program. Yes, you can use this program even in your underwear. Since this program will be loaded on your computer, you can use it whenever you want to use it.

2) No big time investment on your part is required. It literally takes seconds to use natural remedies. Many speech techniques take months and years to master. The greatest thing about this program is its time efficiency. The time spent on taking any remedy is always less than most activities you had engaged in during the day.

3) No significant money investment is needed. Look at all intensive speech therapies that cost thousands of dollars. Look at all electronic devices that cost the same. This program costs pennies in comparison to them. You can buy any homeopathic pellet tube that will last you years to come for less than ten dollars. If you do comparison shopping online or in your local health store, you can even find better prices for the same homeopathic pellet tube. Once you buy certain remedies, they might last you months and years. Some remedies might last your entire life. Visualization exercises and hypnosis are two great examples of it.

4) No travel time is necessary. You do not need to travel anywhere to use this program. You can use it in your house. See how much time you spend on traveling to receive your speech therapy. Please see how much time it takes you to visit your speech therapist. Many years ago, I visited numerous speech therapists in private practice. It took me close to one hour to drive only one way. Another hour was spent on my speech therapy session itself. Then, I had to drive home for another hour. In another words, two or three hours were devoted by me to my speech therapy sessions. There were zero results.

5) Everything can be easily mastered. You really do not need anybody else to guide you through. This program is a self-help tool that will always be there when you need it. Listen, you do not need to practice endlessly your prolongations while wondering if you are doing them correctly. Swallowing your natural remedy does not take too much brain power. Infants do it every day.

6) You will not experience additional stress and anxiety when you use this program. Many traditional speech therapies make you enter speaking situations for which you are not prepared of. If you ever been to any intensive speech program, you already know the clinicians will push you eventually into many uncomfortable speaking situations. After all, what is the point of going through any intensive program if you are not willing to practice it? If you will push yourself excessively, you might end up with a nervous break down. This program, on the other hand, takes a passive approach. It means you will know when you are ready for any speaking situation. Whenever you will feel confident about entering any potentially stressful speaking situation, you will enter it. After start using Natural Therapy for Stuttering for a few weeks, you will be able to enter many, if not all, speaking situations with much confidence that you can handle them.

7) All components of stuttering are addressed. Find me any speech program that addresses primary and secondary symptoms of stuttering simultaneously. You won't find any. This one does. In fact, this program deals directly with many issues you face as a person who stutters, such as the lack of self-confidence and panic. Many speech therapists do not know how to deal with these issues. The main reason is because they did not receive any training in psychology. They can only address your speech block with methods that do not work well for many people who try to use them. As someone who understands what you need to go through every single day of your life, I provided you with the most effective tools for dealing with various psychological, behavioral and physical aspects of this problem.

8) Special emphasis is placed on maintaining fluency. I spent much time on discussing this topic with you in the program. Moreover, I showed people the ways to maintain fluency once this fluency has been achieved. Find me any other program that deals with the topic of fluency maintenance as much as I do in the program. When you start reading this program, simply flip through my Suggested Routine that I developed for you. You will find that the topic of fluency maintenance is being addressed in every single sentence. On the other hand, go through many speech therapies. Read many books on the same topic. Fluency maintenance will be barely mentioned. Yet, it is the most important topic that needs to be discussed in great detail.

9) No need to be embarrassed when you use Natural Therapy for Stuttering. There were quite a few situations when you were embarrassed during your speech therapy. They probably took place when you were faced with a difficult speaking situation. You entered it and opened your mouth. Then, something odd came out or nothing came out at all. In this program, you will enter speaking situations when you are ready. This will occur within the fist few weeks of treatment. Start using this natural stuttering therapy now!

10) Everything in this program is doable and fun! Prolongations are boring. Cancellations are boring. Pull-outs are impossible to do. One of many reasons why speech therapy does not work in adults and children alike is because speech techniques are not only ineffective, but very boring to say the least. I tried to make every piece of information in this program to be entertaining and educational simultaneously. Based on my users' responses, I have succeeded in this effort. See it for yourself!

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