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"I received speech therapy in college. Although I was able to get a job when I graduated, I always felt I was going to lose it because of my inability to speak fluently. I tried various speech courses. They helped little. In your program, several sections on homeopathic remedies and hypnosis were the most helpful to me. Hypnosis taught me to relax. Homeopathy made a big impact overall on my speech. I feel I can keep my job now.

Alex G.

New York, USA

"I am still in high school. My parents recently bought me this program. Right now, I used only sections on energy medicine and hypnosis. I made a significant improvement in my speech. I am beginning to talk to girls. Peace."


Grand Rapids, USA

"I am in my forties. I stuttered as long as I can remember. I thought I could not improve. Although I was skeptical, I decided to embark on this new journey of using your program. I am glad I did. I began to enjoy talking to people."

Joseph L.

Spokane, USA

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