I.    The results will vary. They will range from a very significant improvement in your speech to almost total or total fluency. The results are sustained.

II.    Natural remedies that are discussed are unique. Also, the unique thing about the program is it describes how natural remedies from different alternative medicine therapies can be combined and used at home.

III.    Very little. You should buy natural remedies online or by phone. Remember that the bottle of every single remedy will last many months or even years. Thus, you will be buying the remedies very rarely. Hey, you always dreamt of having that magic pill that would get rid of your problem. There are, however, many natural remedies that you can and should use to gain control over stuttering.

IV.    You do not need to go to any alternative doctor or doctors unless you want to go. I spent years and thousands of dollars on seeing different doctors and trying out their therapies. I have done the research for you, and I have come up with the best natural medicine remedies that work wonderfully on my stuttering and will work on your stuttering as well. You do not need any prescription to obtain any natural remedies that you will see in my program. In fact, you might be able to find some of them in your local health store. Some of these remedies would still have to be ordered either by phone or online because your local health stores do not carry the remedies that are that powerful. Therefore, you will need to contact the manufacturer's customer service to obtain these remedies directly from them. Thankfully, a prescription or doctor's confirmation is still not needed. After this program, you may decide to visit a doctor who practices some particular form of alternative medicine. I suspect that this can only happen if you are thinking that you are about to have a breakthrough with my remedies, and you want a doctor's opinion on how to use these remedies more selectively to obtain a total and complete relief from stuttering that will last a life time. I personally do not see any need to visit alternative medicine practitioners because you will have all the tools that you need to succeed in my program.

V.    You will see the results immediately or you will see the results one week or so from administering natural medicine remedies. Hey, it is still much better than going through exactly the same speech therapy for years with no or little results in reduction of stuttering.

VI.    You can eat practically anything you like. Some alternative medicine doctors would warn you that you should not eat very spicy foods if you are using the remedies. I eat many very spicy foods, and I never had any problems with the remedies not working. However, you should avoid drinking coffee, coke with caffeine, mints, and any strong smells, such as from perfume, during the treatment. Also, if you are taking certain medications, the natural remedies may not work. Try using the remedies with your medications. If the remedies do not work, do not discontinue taking medications without supervision of your physician.

VII.    Absolutely. My program would work just as well on your child as it works on adult. I even believe that my program would work even faster on children than it would on adults because your child's stuttering is not deeply rooted yet. You also might want to try the energy medicine approach that I will talk about in detail before proceeding to the other natural medicine remedies in my program.

VIII.    The remedies that I will discuss in my program virtually have no side effects. However, you should be using reasonable doses of  remedies to achieve the results. If you overwhelm yourself with a high number of remedies or large doses or many doses, I seriously doubt that my program will work. Here, we are not dealing with medications that are chemically produced. In our conventional medicine, taking more medications can be better in terms of the desired results. The same principle does not apply here.

IX.    Yes, you can use my program with any speech therapy. The question is why you would want to combine my program with any speech therapy. The program does work. It should be enough to make you speak fluently. However, depending on what kind of improvement (or total elimination of the problem) you would be able to achieve with my program, you may want to continue your speech therapy. In fact, it will be very funny to use the natural therapy for stuttering, obtain fluency, come back to the speech therapist's office, and let the therapist hear your newly acquired fluency without telling him or her first about the program. I think it will amaze and shock your speech therapist as it happened in my case. The speech therapist would actually start believing that his speech therapy produced these results.

X.    As you will read in my Order section of this website, the cost of my program is worth eating a couple of meals at your favorite restaurant. Just think about for a moment. You can eat your meals, enjoy them, pay for them, and pretty soon forget that you ever have eaten them. However, I want you to know that you will remember to use the program. Why would you remember it? The main reason is because it will impact every aspect of your life. Think about it. What if...what if your life would change for the better? What if you would suddenly speak so fluently that you can go after any desired job? What if your fluent speech and your newly acquired confidence would allow you to ask a person of your dreams out? What if you would be able to say how you feel in any speaking situation? I think you will find that with my program, the possibilities are truly endless. Lastly, please remember that there is one thing that is worse than failing. It is not doing anything at all. With the tools that I will give you in the program, you will succeed in your effort to treat stuttering. Try my program. You have very little to lose and everything else to gain.

XI.    Simply go to the Order section of the website to place your order. When you will place your order, I will send you my email message. You will simply open the attachment in my email message, and you may start reading my program immediately. It has been written in Microsoft Word. Any lay person can read, understand, and take advantage of my program. Once you read it, you will need to purchase natural remedies. However, you might want to start using visualization exercises and energy medicine techniques right away. I made an entire ordering and receiving process very easy. Reading the program would be easy and enjoyable too.

XII.    Moderate drinking does not affect the remedies.

XIII.    The answer is no. You cannot increase the potency of any homeopathic remedy by taking more pellets than you are used to. Remember the potency is how many times the remedy has been diluted. Even if you take more pellets, the number of dilutions will be exactly the same.

XIV.    Your fear of speaking is a secondary symptom of stuttering. Please use energy medicine techniques, hypnosis, and flower essences that are described in the program to deal with your fear effectively.

XV.    Occasional taking of pills, such as Tylenol or Aspirin should not antidote homeopathic remedies.

XVI.    Generally, taking homeopathic remedies in higher potencies will make them work longer. Before you will proceed to taking remedies in higher potencies, you should stop and evaluate your condition better. Ask yourself one important question, which is as follows: "Did I do something to antidote the remedy?" As you understand, the problem might be you have done something that disrupted the action of your remedy.

"In school, I worked on speech techniques like prolongations and easy onset. They were useless. I could not talk without stuttering anyway. I always knew there was a better way to tackle stuttering. I purchased your program about two months ago. Now, my speech is smooth. I am beginning to make speech presentations. I am still continuing to improve every day. Thank you for your help."

Kevin S.

Toronto, Canada

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