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     I have struggled with this disorder since I was five years old. At first, I thought that my stuttering will simply fade away. Of course, it did not. I continued to hope for a cure till I got into high school. Since my high school years, I faithfully had seen my school speech therapist once a week for three years. She kept telling me that she could clearly see that my speech was improving, but I did not see any results whatsoever. Apparently, my high school therapist had a better vision than I did.

     After my high school years, I decided to take more serious action towards eliminating my stuttering. Yes, I still thought that it was possible to cure my stuttering somehow at that point of my life. I went through a few well-known three-week intensive speech therapies. Some of you know from experience that these intensive therapies cost a few thousand dollars. Upon their completion, I was stuttering just as much as I was before these intensive therapies, if not more, and there was something else that was going on in my life. I was broke because I spent all my savings on them. Moreover, the speech therapists at one intensive therapy told me and the rest of participants that I and they will stutter for life. If prior the therapy I thought of myself as a person who stutters, I framed myself differently upon its completion. I began to think of myself as the stutterer with no hope of ever getting better at talking.

     Throughout my college years and beyond, I continued to get conventional speech therapy. Over the years, I have gone to three different speech clinics in college, university, and graduate school only to receive almost exactly the same therapy I received in high school. I had also seen speech therapists in private practice on the side. In addition, I took speech-related college courses, such as Voice and Diction and public speaking, to improve my speaking abilities. Moreover, I began to train my voice with a well-known opera singer. I did not get any better from the lessons, but I was losing my voice continuously. I thought that losing my voice was a sure sign that I probably was working hard and ultimately was better than stuttering severely. Also, I bought all mechanical devices that are available on the market today only to be disappointed with the results that I have gotten. Now, people thought that I had a hearing problem as well because they saw me wearing my "miracle ear."

    In high school, I also started to develop compulsive behaviors. I would run to check whether I turned off the light switch or not many times. I also checked my stove and my door lock several times a day. I constantly felt like I was in danger.

     Something very important was happening to me since high school. I decided to try out different medications to see if they can help me with my problems. I went to see a few medical doctors, including a psychiatrist and a primary care physician, to get some kind of treatment for stuttering. For months at a time, I was swallowing different medications. I thought that my speech improved. However, I did not care anymore. I started to worry about various serious side effects of these medications that I experienced regularly since I started taking them. I was worrying more about the side effects than I was about the stuttering. Hey, if you have a horrible belly ache continuously and your nose bleeds nonstop, you will think less of stuttering. Another very unpleasant "side effect" of these medications is that I was broke again. Some of these medications ended up costing me about $200 a week. I had to stop using medications because of the side effects and because I could no longer pay for them anyway. Needless to say, all those doctors were not cheap either.

     At the same time I was going to the medical doctors, I began reading all the books that I could find at my local bookstores about conventional medicine and alternative therapies. As I already said previously, the majority of those books do not even have the word stuttering in them. Of course, I could not buy every book that I was reading. However, Barnes & Noble and Borders became the places where I had spent the majority of my time. Reading those books eventually motivated me to begin seeing herbalists, hypnotists, acupuncturists, flower essence practitioners, naturopaths, energy medicine practitioners, and homeopaths. I had seen them for many years. I never regret seeing those alternative medicine practitioners because I was beginning to get answers. I was beginning to see what natural remedies I should be taking to unlock the mystery of fluency. Luckily, I could experiment with so many remedies because they were not expensive at all.

     After so many years of research, I came up with the best natural remedies for stuttering that a very few people know about. Eventually, I constructed my own routine that you will see in my program for optimum results. Now, people do not even know that I have or I had this problem. Although my stuttering does come back periodically (your stuttering might not return or it might come back after a long period of time like it does in my case), I just need to repeat the same natural medicine remedies or I need to change them to maintain my fluency.

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