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What would you have achieved in your life if your disorder would have been eliminated?


I have been asking myself this question for nearly thirty years. Asking this question continuously made me try various conventional therapies with limited or no success. As you might guess my main objective was to find a stuttering cure. I stumbled eventually upon alternative medicine. My search was finally over when I put several remedies together that I took from different alternative medicine therapies. Natural Therapy for Stuttering was created.

It is a very unique program that our speech disorder community is getting to know and experiencing its results. Please pick any book on stuttering cures and you will see that the author does not know anything about natural remedies that can be used to treat this complex disorder very successfully. Now, get educated on how you can treat your stuttering in the privacy of your home.

Please go to your local bookstore and pick any book on alternative medicine. It is highly unlikely you will see the word stuttering mentioned anywhere in its content. In fact, it would not be even mentioned in almost all books on alternative medicine that you will come across. Unfortunately, there isn't much useful information on this speech condition. This is why the information about treating stuttering with alternative medicine remedies is being posted on this site. Based on my customers' responses, the program is much needed to change people's lives for the better.


"Last year, I graduated from the University of Florida in Gainsville. I received a business degree. I chose to major in it thinking that there will be more job opportunities even for somebody who stutters when I graduate. My academic credentials were very impressive. Despite our bad economic situation, I was still able to get interviews. Many interviews and months later, I was still unemployed. During job interviews, my speech was “falling apart.” My worst fear of being unable to get a job with stuttering came true. Of course, no employer would have given me the reason why he did not want to hire me.

I was sinking into depression. Luckily, I came across your site. I decided to try your program. I noticed some improvement in my speech within my first week of using the remedies. What is also important is that I noticed its effect on my self-confidence and self-esteem within the next few weeks of treatment. I believe flower essences really helped. After following your suggestions on hypnosis and energy medicine, my speech suddenly began to get even better every day. Homeopathic medicine played a huge part in creating fluency as well. My normal speech really surprised my family and friends. It felt like I was born again. I previously had seen five speech therapists, and it did not help.

Now, I have barely noticeable, small hesitations in my speech. I do not experience them often. When I have them, people think that I am simply not sure of what I want to say. I am happy to report that I am working for (Note: the name of company was omitted). Thank you so much for your help!

Mary J.

University of Florida

Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration"

The main objectives of my therapy program is to pick the best possible alternative medicine tools to help you dealing with speech disorders.

In this program, you will learn:

* Three most powerful homeopathic remedies for stuttering, page 5.

* One homeopathic remedy you should always carry in your pocket to relieve anxiety fast, page 6.

* Most effective flower essences to deal with your fear of speaking, page 8.

* These flower essences can target your speech block, page 10.

* Combination of vitamins and minerals to deal with speech spasms, page 11.

* This herb is always recommended for anxiety and nervousness, page 12.

* Top visualization exercises to change your image as a stutterer, page 14.

* Most effective form of hypnosis for this condition is introduced here, page 16.

* Find out how to put hypnosis sessions for yourself here, page 17.

* These energy medicine techniques can target your speech block, page 20.

* Main reason why you should always combine energy medicine with hypnosis, page 21.

* This type of breathing you have never heard about relieves stress fast, page 23.

* Most effective ways to combine natural remedies together, page 25.

* Avoid these mistakes in your treatment on your way to success, page 32.

* Follow these tips and maintain your fluency, page 33.

* Alternative suggested routine is here at last, page 35.

and a lot more..."

Most people who ever looked for stuttering cure never tried or even heard of these natural remedies I will discuss in detail in my program.

The remedies have changed my life in so many ways, and they will change yours. At a very least, you will obtain a very significant improvement in your speech that will be sustained. However, I know that you will find that the results that can be obtained from using my program are truly limitless.

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The truth about cure for stuttering

Stuttering CAN and DOES ruin people's lives. You already know it yourself. Otherwise, you would not have come to this site. There are also many scientific studies that indicate it. Please look at my Advice section for some of those studies. What is currently going on with the field of speech pathology is alarming too. Basically, there is NOTHING really going on in terms of developing new and effective stuttering therapies. Please answer several questions that are as follow:

"Have you ever gone through a program without seeing any results whatsoever in terms of reduction in stuttering? Did you blame yourself for not being able to keep up with the assignments?" I know I had plenty of times. When some stuttering program did not work for me despite my best efforts, I thought of it as my personal failure. This cannot be further from the truth. I want you to know your speech disorder program has failed, but you did not fail. Why did I make this statement?

Almost every stammering therapy program or so-called stuttering cure for stuttering I came across asked the person to enter more speaking situations than he or she was able to handle. For any program to produce any measurable and long-lasting result, it has to be simple and doable. What is worse is that the same speech therapy never gave one any necessary tools that are needed to handle its assignments.

Everyone knows this is a very complex and hard disorder to manage. Stuttering does not only consist of your physical speech block. It is also your fears, anxiety, panic, tension, avoidance behaviors, and many other emotions and feelings that you might not be even consciously aware of. This is a big part of this problem. Thus, this disorder is a lot more than many programs are capable of addressing today. Listen, you can prolong all you want. However, you will be only successful at keeping this problem to a minimum in your therapist's office. The main reason is because although you were trying to treat your physical aspect of stuttering with various speech techniques, many other aspects were left untreated. These additional aspects are the ones that caused you to relapse right after you finished your program. Ultimately, the problems begin when you step into a real world.

It is well-known that when you have this condition, it can be very resistant to any form of treatment. Moreover, it can appear there are no tools to handle all aspects of this problem. Why can't you handle your fear or anxiety with some technique that your therapist may teach you to use? The main reason is because your fear or anxiety is much stronger than any technique you may use before or during your speaking situation. Often, your fears, anxiety, and avoidance behaviors are very deeply rooted and were "rehearsed" by you almost all your life. After reading this paragraph, do you really think that you can handle your panic, for instance, with some technique? Almost always, your therapist does not even have anything to offer you when it comes to dealing with your panic, feelings of helplessness, and your fear of speaking. Thus, we must look at our modern medicine and alternative medicine for the answers. When you push yourself to speak out after your stammering, a relapse is sure to occur even if you have made some speech improvement during your stuttering therapy program.

What are some advantages of using this program? There are quite a few of those I will briefly mention. You do not have to leave home to benefit from it. You will save money because you do not have to visit alternative medicine practitioners. One visit to someone who practices homeopathy can cost you $100-150 US dollars. Some charge $500 US dollars per initial appointment. Now, think about how much it will cost you to see several alternative medicine practitioners who specialize in different areas. The trip to see a hypnotist, for instance, can cost you $150 US dollars. You will not have these expenses with this program. Also, you will realize benefits pretty quickly. Since this program explains how to use natural remedies from different alternative medicine therapies in combination, the benefits will "come" from many different remedies right now.

I want you to know that the best cure for stuttering or stuttering cure stuttering therapy is the one that you should be able to give yourself without anyone's help. My stuttering program will provide you with all necessary tools for dealing effectively with virtually every aspect of your problem simultaneously. This program will guide you through using a combination of the best remedies that were taken from several alternative medicine programs. This program will not include any speech techniques that you are used to know. In fact, this program does not even have any speech exercises. It will be something that you probably have not tried ever before.

Moreover, this program makes all things very simple and doable for you. I will not ask you to enter any speaking situations. You will enter them when you feel you are ready. This stuttering therapy will never push you to do something you are not ready to do. This does not require a lot of time investment on your part. Moreover, this will not involve spending a lot of money on your treatment. What I also like about this stuttering program is that you do not even need to leave home to take advantage of all alternative medicine tools that I will be asking you to use in the program. Most importantly, you may never be able to achieve similar results in terms of treating all symptoms any other way. This can be your help and your cure for stammering.

Stuttering Treatments

Although you can go to my Answers section to find more information about natural medicines, I will post several questions that were received recently below.

I) What do I do to eliminate my anxiety?

There are numerous things you can do to get rid of your anxiety. One of those things is using hypnosis as taught in the program. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to fight any anxiety. You should also use flower essences and energy medicine techniques, which are also described in the program. This way, you will target this problem from all sides.

II) You only mentioned one herb in your program briefly. Why don't you use any herbs in your program?

There is one main problem with herbs. Almost all herbs I tried or came across will produce some side effects. Some side effects can be compared to various side effects of conventional stuttering medications in terms of their severity. Side effects tend to vary from belly cramps to constipation. Besides, some herbs essentially act the same way as our traditional medications act within one's body. When you use them, you get benefits. When you stop using them, those benefits are "gone." All natural remedies, which are recommended in this program, are virtually free from side effects. The benefits are long-lasting as well.

III) Do I have to use natural remedies for the rest of my life?

This question has been asked many times before. As time passes, you will find you need to use a smaller number of remedies than you previously used before to maintain fluency. The benefits from using alternative medicine therapies will last much longer. You will realize alternative medicine therapies have curative powers that tend to accumulate with time.

IV) Why do you use several flower essences simultaneously?

As you probably know from reading information on this site, I am a strong believer in using various combinations of alternative medicine remedies. You might think of using natural remedies as buying stocks. It is very likely you will not buy just one type of stock. You will want to diversify your stock portfolio as much as possible. It is done to make sure if one stock fails, the other stocks will not. The same thing can be said about purchasing alternative medicine remedies and using them in various combinations. Besides, natural medicines tend to compliment each other.

V) Do I have to follow your suggested routine on the back of this program?

When you first starting out, it is generally advisable for you to follow the routine as close as you can. As some time passes, you will find out what works better for you. This suggested routine is there to illustrate how all medicines should be used in combination for optimum results.

VI) I tried to change myself and my speech many times. I was not successful. What makes this program different?

The main mistake people make is when they try to change themselves all at once. It is not possible and frustrating. Only small changes in behavior can lead to big changes. This program will take you through all small steps that are necessary for big changes to take place.

VII) Do you suggest using herbs in your program?

This program does not give you any recommendations as they relate to herbs. I am personally against using herbs. Herbal supplements have side effects. Most typical short-term side effects are headaches and belly cramps. There are no long-term studies to determine their long-term side effects. Also, they do not seem to have many curative properties. They work much like traditional stuttering medications. As long as a person uses herbs, he might be able to benefit from them. However, when a person stops using them, any benefit will be "gone."

VIII) Do herbs affect stuttering?

Herbs have no direct effect on this condition. Their effect is indirect. If you take some herb to calm you down, you might be able to speak better.

IX) What is the best remedy for stuttering?

There is no best single remedy for stuttering. However, there are more than one dozen remedies that can be used together for optimum results. This program is all about them.

X) How fast will I make an improvement in my speech?

Within the first few weeks of treatment, you will obtain a significant improvement in your speech. Many people will notice beneficial effects after several days of being on the program. How quickly you will respond to the remedies is a highly individual thing. It will depend on many factors, such as the severity of your condition and your attitude towards stuttering in general.

XI) Why do you like to use homeopathic medicines in your treatment?

There are two main reasons for it. The first reason is homeopathic medicines do not have side effects. The same thing cannot be said about some other natural remedies, such as herbs. The second reason is homeopathy is very effective in treating many conditions our conventional medicine cannot treat. More importantly, it cures many illnesses in a very short amount of time. I can personally attest to this statement.

XII) Why do you start your program with energy medicine techniques and hypnosis?

The main reason is you need to build a foundation for your future success. I do realize people will not stay with this program if they will not see results quickly. This is why I ask them to use energy medicine techniques and hypnosis. I believe these natural remedies can provide benefits fast and can encourage people to stay with this program to realize long-term benefits.

XIII) Should I follow your instructions for using your remedies in the program or the instructions that are given on the bottles?

If you want the program to be effective, you should follow the instructions that are stated in the program. Please do not reinvent the wheel.

XIV) Does your program include using any traditional speech therapy techniques?

No, it does not. There are no prolongations, cancellations and pull-outs to do. There are, however, great visualization exercises in this program. Those are optional. If you decide to use them, they will change your self-image. You will start thinking of yourself as a fluent speaker rather than a stutterer.

Natural Therapy for Successful Stuttering Treatment

Stammering is one of the most common problems that is faced by the millions of people all over the world. This problem does not have any serious effect on health, but it can take a toll on your personality. You may have to face serious problems when speaking to any other person. Thus, people who are suffering from this condition try to consult with an expert. They also try different kinds of stuttering treatments. The main problem with all types of treatments and medications are various side effects. You can try natural alternative therapies in order to eradicate the problem permanently. In my childhood, I suffered from this problem so much that I tried to use medications and used them for several years only to discover that they either come with various side effects or I became very addictive to them. When you will use natural therapy discovered by me, you can experience real stuttering therapy that can help you to get over this problem easily. The natural process that is designed to give you a safe and secure way to get relief from this condition. It is recognized as the best cure for stuttering because it can bring many benefits to its users. Not only you will get a successful stuttering cure by deciding to use this program, you will also come to know about many things like which homeopathic medicine treatment can give you better results and which flower essences have the power to help you in eradicating this problem. When you are looking for the top quality stammering therapies, you can buy my natural therapy for stuttering treatment. This stuttering help can be the best bet for you when you are looking for a safe and affordable way to cure your stammering problem.

My Search for Stuttering Cure

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